Whether at work or relaxing at home, air conditioning can make a big difference to your environment: getting the best out of the working day and enjoying to the full your home environment. Air Force Cooling Systems offers more choice than ever with floor standing, wall, ceiling or window-mounted, ceiling cassette, heavy duty air conditioners or discreet ducted split air conditioning systems that neatly fit in a ceiling or wall void.

At workplace, air conditioning is no longer considered a luxury. Instead employers can see the real benefits of maintaining a comfortable working environment through increased production. Research has shown that as the office or factory temperature rises, so staff performance falls.

Through our market-leading products and solutions, we are constantly striving to help people live more comfortable, healthy and productive lives.

Air force Cooling Systems delivers global solutions across the broadest range of heating, cooling and refrigeration applications. With a proven track record of leadership and industry expertise, Air force Cooling Systems is here to meet your needs with our portfolio of market-leading products and services


1. Expert Advice

Air Force Cooling Systems provides expert advice and will customise a solution that suits your commercial or residential place, lifestyle and budget. Factors such as dwelling size, type, aspect, roof space and room usage will all be considered in the design of your system. Whether it is a wall split system, ducted split system air conditioner or rooftop packaged unit, you can be assured of the best heating and cooling solution.

At every touch point with consumers and in every commercial undertaking we pursue, we are committed to delivering exceptional products and services that meet our customers' diverse needs.

2. Quality Installation

The knowledge, experience and professionalism that we have as a company means that a quality installation is assured. The correct installation of air conditioning system is crucial for comfort and efficiency. Choosing an Air force cooling systems support team member ensures your investment is protected.

3. Peace of mind

Air Force cooling systems Service Network provides you with quick and reliable service when you need it. . We create comfortable environments, regardless of the climate.


To grow Internationally with competent products and employees, and provide solutions to improve human comfort, customer satisfaction and protect the environment.


To be our customers' first choice for air conditioning, heating and refrigeration solutions everywhere around the world and become the industry's steward and trusted partner by:

  • Becoming an incredibly easy company to do business with through e-business and a culture of customer service
  • Expanding our technology leadership position
  • Using our broad capabilities in products and services to develop unique, high-value integrated solutions
  • Being the best value provider for products and services
  • Maintaining a work environment where our people and their ideas flourish


Bringing comfort to your home is our top priority. From furnaces to central air conditioners, heat pumps to air filters, window units to split systems. Air force cooling Systems is dedicated to improving your quality of life by creating comfortable, healthy environments in which to live.

Air force Cooling Systems has smart cooling solutions for every type of home, from apartments and condos to multi-story dwellings. Whether you're cooling one room or several, we'll help you find precisely what you need for maximum comfort.

Thousands of people out of experience and reference trust Air force cooling systems expertise in delivering premium solutions for their home heating and cooling needs.

HVAC Building & Industrial Systems

At Air force cooling systems, our Commercial Department provides a full range of services to our clients. From maintenance and repairs to new installations, our trained service technicians help maintain your HVAC equipment and help to maintain a productive work environment.

Having set the standard for dealing with Worlds leading Air conditioning Brands, our clients are guaranteed exceptional performance, energy efficiency and reliability. Air force cooling system provides world-class commercial solutions built on our foundation of unmatched expertise and industry leadership. Spanning the broadest range of buildings and applications, we deliver durable products that are easy to install and maintain, and unparalleled service – from equipment quotation to unit delivery and all the way to aftermarket support.

Transport Refrigeration

Air force cooling Systems is committed to ensuring safe, reliable transport of food & beverages, medical supplies and perishables to people and businesses around the world. We offer the industry's most complete range of products – from container and rail refrigeration to truck and trailer temperature control systems.

Our transport refrigeration experts are at your service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring the freshness and efficacy of your products and providing dedicated support from transport to delivery.

Refrigeration & Food Service Equipment

Air force cooling Systems refrigeration and food service equipment play a vital role in the protection and preservation of our global food supply. Serving the beverage, food service and food retail industries, our refrigeration solutions are built on next-generation technologies and a diligent focus on safeguarding food and beverages for consumption. Our food service equipment covers a vast array of applications – from innovative cooking and heating solutions to frozen dessert dispensers. We take pride in selling state-of-the-art display cases that enhance food presentation and maximize product sell-through.

Whether you operate a restaurant, hotel, convenience store or supermarket, Air force Cooling Systems has a range of premium refrigeration and food service equipment solutions to meet your diverse needs.


Maintaining focus on integrity and compliance in everything we do.

1. Integrity

  • Our commitment to good corporate governance is evident through the company's focus on integrity and ethical business practices.
  • Our Ethics Policy provides guidance regarding acceptable and appropriate practices and behaviours for our employees around the world.
  • We cultivate a culture where our people recognize it is the strength of personal relationships across businesses and functions that help us continually succeed.

2. Performance

  • We strive for continuous growth to reinforce our leadership position
  • We continuously improve the productivity of our assets and resources.
  • We work together to excel in individual and team performance

3. Innovation

  • We are a company of ideas, committed to research and development.

4. Technological Leadership

  • Providing innovative technology dedicated to promoting industry recognition and enhancing customer profitability.

5. Employee Development

  • We listen to our employees and treat each other with respect.
  • We care for our employees' health and safety.
  • We are committed to employee and management development.
  • We value diversity in individuals and cultures.

6. Customer Care

  • We listen to our customers and respond to their needs
  • We make it easy to do business with us
  • We are committed to excellence in customer satisfaction.
  • We take pride in producing results that meet or exceed customer expectations

7. After-Sales Support

Once you buy any of our leading brands, we back you with strong after-sales support. There's a toll-free Technical Support line staffed by specially trained technicians who can help you if you have any problems with any product.

8. Business Practices

  • We maintain the highest ethical standards.
  • We actively support the communities in which we do business.

9. Environmental Stewardship

  • We lead in environmental technologies.
  • We are environmentally responsible.

10. Quality

  • Quality is the common denominator of all we do


At Air force Cooling Systems, all of our technicians are trained and certified by the factory. But we do not stop there. We provide on-going in-house training to ensure superior customer service and that the job is done right at all time. Rest assured that when you invite an Air force cooling system technician into your home, you will get a friendly member of our family to take care of your HVAC service needs.


Our friendly technicians are available 24 hours a day for your emergency service needs. Simply give Air force cooling Systems a call, day or night, and let one of our technicians help you with your problem. We are always here to assist you.


Our Support Team motto is; Enduring performance – day after day

Our engineers are committed to continuous improvement across all our product lines. They work tirelessly to increase energy efficiency and performance for all our systems, from light commercial to large applied solutions. It's our depth of experience that makes Air force Cooling systems the best in the Air conditioners market.

Our service technicians are highly trained and are certified under climate protection legislation according to EU regulation 303/2008. When carrying out their work, they focus on individual customer requirements, so that new AC Installations work efficiently from the outset and the performance of existing Air conditioners is improved.


The maintenance service includes all aspects of routine maintenance work that have to be carried out on your refrigeration system. It improves operating reliability and optimizes energy use

Pre-Service Checklist

Before calling one of our Support engineers for service and maintenance, take a moment to make sure you're prepared for the appointment. Here are a few things to do in preparation for your service appointment:

  • Check your air filter. A dirty air filter is a common cause of problems.
  • Write down the model numbers of all your products.
  • Know how long ago your problem began.
  • Make sure the system is accessible – remove anything blocking your products.
  • Arrange for access.
  • Provide a phone number to receive a call from the technicians to confirm the service visit.
  • If you discover your heat pump or air conditioner is frozen, shut it off to allow it to thaw before the technician arrives.

The following aspects are included in the maintenance service:

  • Inventory of your refrigeration equipment using written documentation
  • Visual inspection of your refrigeration locations and units
  • Maintenance work in accordance with industrial standards
  • Cleaning of condenser once a year
  • Leak checks
  • Settings checked for all technical parameters
  • Optional systems logbook for documenting system care
  • Written report by us including details of next work due
  • 24 hour availability of Air force cooling Systems service, check of the alarm information chain

The following aspects are included in servicing:

  • Round-the-clock repairs and materials including start-up in accordance with Air force cooling systems standard contract specifications for servicing. This does not include components that are not refrigeration-related.
  • Inventory of your refrigeration equipment using written documentation
  • Visual inspection of your refrigeration locations and units (once a year)
  • Maintenance work in accordance with industrial standards
  • Cleaning of condenser (once a year)
  • Check for absence of leaks
  • Settings checked for all technical parameters
  • Support for refrigerant monitoring (using logbook)
  • Preparation of a maintenance plan
  • Maintenance protocol
  • 24 hour availability via Air force service center
  • Optional: Connection to remote monitoring 24 hours a day / 365 days a year (where technically feasible) and documentation of temperature settings
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